Love Means Saying Sorry

Today on Marc Maron's podcast with comedian Tommy Tiernan, he mentions the importance of the making amends part of the 12-step program. It brought up a touching story from the Heartfelt days. One Saturday, my daughter and I were putting out flowers to begin a busy sales day, and a man came into the store naked. Buck naked. He was super high; we squealed and ran into the back room. He mumbled at the counter for a few minutes and then headed out the door. All of our neighborhood main street here in San Francisco was abuzz. The police came and sat with him on a bench; he quickly sobered up and put on his clothes. Were they in his hand the whole time? He had just gotten out of jail and went to get high first thing. About six months later, he came by in an ill-fitting suit and said he was in a 12-step program and making amends. He remembered coming into our store naked and wanted to apologize. It was very emotional; we all got teary. His apology meant the world to me; it was a moment I will never forget. If you have a sorry floating around somewhere, jot it on a note. Send it off; it could last a very long time.