How to dye eggs with old silk ties

I make these pretty eggs each year. I love the whimsy and the task. Each year they surprise me and I learn more. This year I learned that the finer the silk the more dye that goes onto the egg. Silk scarves work well too and yet I always forget to look for them. Here is what you need: 

sharp scissors, seam ripper, (not required but helpful) string, silk ties, cut up pieces of white cotton, water, a non reactive pan, and a quarter cup of white vinegar ---oh yes and white eggs

1.Tear apart the ties, have a ball, use a seam ripper if you have one and cut into shapes that will cover the egg. I get 3-4 out of one random. Then cut the white cotton pieces ...we made ours 4' x 6' last time and they were a little small...they can be messy and not perfect. An old pillowcase works well. It protects the different colors you are dying in one pot.

2.Wet the ties, (it makes it easier to wrap around the eggs) then take a long piece of thin string (approx 1 1/2 yards) and wrap the egg with the right side of the tie facing your white egg. Wrap a lot of times. Egg bondage.

3.Then take your muslin/cotton piece and cover the tie wrapped egg and wrap that. 

4. Then drop it into simmering water (I use a spaghetti pot and add 1/4 cup of white vinegar) I let them boil for 20 minutes. And voila! Ask me anything and sign up for my newsletter for more fun projects and card writing ideas!