How To Make An Easy Gift Wrap Bow

A blog post about easy gift wrapping has been hard to write, and I am unsure why. Letting go of perfect can make the most awkwardly shaped package fun to wrap. It is all about the top side of the package (the underside can be less than perfect) and the bow. Today we will learn how to make a fun, simple, elaborate bow. I used to own a brick-and-mortar, and jumping off the sales floor and into the "wrap room" was a creative craft moment we all loved. Here is a video that shows bow making, and here are some easy ingredients that can add to the fun. 

  1. Print tissue paper is my gift wrap of choice. It is very forgiving but back it with sturdier paper. I use plain newsprint, but printed newsprint works fine. 
  2. Curling ribbon is cheap, and kids think it is a miracle. Have a few colors on hand; remember, it only curls from one side. Curl from the smooth side, and very little pressure works. I curl using a scissors blade, but the dull side works too, and if you are working with littles, their kid scissors work fine. 
  3. I use wired ribbon (from Costco) or woven ribbon, or my favorite 6" netting. 
  4. We need scissors but do not use your best shears if you are cutting a wired ribbon.