A chance to win something that might soothe you

What soothes you? I can be at the end of a very long day and desire to make something in the kitchen. Yes, cooking soothes me. If I am tired I choose a recipe that I know or that is easy. This morning I went to the carwash and vacuumed my car. Then we went through the disco wash, strangely this soothes me. Someone did me a huge favor recently, I wanted to recognize how much I appreciated his kind gesture. The day after I sat down and wrote a heartfelt note. I decorated the envelope and used vintage stamps to make it look special. My whole day seemed on the right track after this 1/2 hour of focus. I chose this smock apron with the pockets filled with greeting cards as our first giveaway. So delicious. I hope you win it. Go here to enter! What do you have to lose?