More Gift Guides!

I have small business friends; we support each other, go into the weeds with marketing, and they, not I, talk spreadsheets. I love helping them this time of year, and a few of you have asked me for Gift Guides, which I post on my blog. Here is a patchwork of great gifts and stocking stuffers from our site and some of my buddies.

  • Laurie from 12 Small Things, everything this woman touches is in good taste and helps the communities that make them. I love these hooks
  • Eclair Lips ! Sylvie from Eclair Lips is a Tik Tok star and a dear friend. She puts light out into the world and her lip balm is soothing and smooooth. 
  • This company in Enterprise, Oregon, is my dream light manufacturing company. Read about them, everything is right, and I use four of their products at all times. This onefloats to the top. 
  • Do you bike? Do it with style or gift that sense of adventure. My friend Melissa sells helmets that make you want to bike more and show how lovely we can be below our helmets. 
  • I love everything on this site! I have followed this companyfor years, and now I know Edith! If you are crafty or love fine things, check her out! 
  • Four gold foil cards with gold foil stamps on the envelope and a Japanese pen seem dandy for that person you ponder about and we wrap it for you.
  • Our gift subscriptions are only available in November and December -grab them before the 20th of December and this year we added a 3 month version