Preview of May Hail the Snail Mail & repeat yourself note writing hack

We all have doubts; they are part of being human. I have a ton of doubts because this is an entirely new adventure. I question myself: Why would I start something new after closing a successful store? Why would I think this would work? ....But then I begin to pack the subscription, write notes on each package, reflect on how the cards express the theme of that month, and I am riveted to this unusual spot. I am in the right place at the right time. 

I get stopped on the street now, and folks share to whom they have sent cards to. This warms my heart, This picture is a preview of the May package. Join us here if you like. 

PS Today's letter/note writing hack. Check in with friends via card writing and say the same or similar things to all. I guarantee they are not comparing notes.