What we carry around in that wee rectangle we call our phone

I have been pondering all we carry around in the wonder that is a smartphone. An encyclopedia, a dictionary, albums, a computer, books, a telephone, a dictaphone (LOL), a camera, photo albums, maps, mailboxes full of mail, a computer, and a calculator, all in this small rectangle that goes with us everywhere, we respond to all these elements within it multiple times in an hour! Last week I put my phone in a drawer and wrote four cards; it felt freeing.
One of Hail the Snail Mail members, sent me this spoken word poem last week. I thought about sending a card to everyone that gives me goosebumps. It would be too many cards, but I chose a few and got them to the Post Office!
I also bought three rolls of postcard stamps because I am going on a road trip across the country with my daughter! A hack I use to send more mail is to fill out an Avery address label sheet with the addresses of folks I want to contact while I am away. It makes it more fun to have the stamps and the addresses before I go! Happy beginning of summer!