How to send more mail #snailmailhacks

Since I started Hail the Snail Mail, I have found that I have had to send more analog messages. I cannot encourage you to send more mail and promote the materials without doing it myself. It has been a grounding, connective experiment. Here are some of my hacks to make it easier to drop an envelope into the slot.
1. Get addresses and write them on the envelopes before writing the letters or cards; purchase an old-fashioned address book and fill it out. Then you do not have to pick up your phone to look up contacts. #distracting
2. Buy stamps. They are beautiful.
3. Collect your thoughts and if you are writing to two or three friends, write the same or similar things. Once I start writing, I go in different directions but beginning with a "thing" I want to share opens me up.
4. Set aside a time when that is all you are doing, and allow your imagination to think about who you would like to hear from because there is a good chance they will write you back. And then the magic begins.
5. Allowing yourself the pleasure of getting off your shiny screens and picking up a pen and paper feels rewarding.