Making it pleasurable


Here are card and letter-writing hacks that have helped me sit down and get mail into the box.


  1. Put time aside away from your phone.
  2. Get an address book; it does not have to be fancy, but each time you write a note to someone, enter their address in the book (preferably in pencil, as folks move).
  3. I like the three-line rule for writing thank-you notes. Start the first sentence with "You." I find it takes me out of my head and into what I feel I want to express. 
  4. Set aside the time. It takes time to write. But it can be in tiny increments; for instance, Saturday morning, I set aside 45 minutes to catch up with someone I miss.
  5. Buy stamps, go to the post office or online and choose the ones you like. Have them on hand. Go to Etsy or eBay and buy vintage stamps.
  6. Have fun; use stickers or washi tape if it is your thing. If you are not crafty, choose a pen that writes beautifully.
  7. Think about a time when something was memorable. I have a high school friend with a big birthday coming up. I remember being in a Ferris Wheel and the guy running the ride rocked our cage; after a moment, we realized he was looking down our shirts, and we both shouted at him. 
  8. Sympathy cards are complicated, but one must be careful. If you are stumped, choose a suitable card and write love and your name. Check out my blog post for suggestions on what to say. 
  9. Keep your card and letter-writing stuff in a spot that is easy to access.

Please write me a note. I will write you back.