Others find snail mail magic or the rewards of writing a thank you note

I got sent this article by friends three times in one day because I love mail, and my friends know it. It has a lot of good juice about writing thank-you notes. The same day I listened to a talk on Ted Talk Radio about gratitude. I am paraphrasing, but the gist of the part I heard was that a lot of being thankful is noticing. I almost had to pull my car over during the show and shout, "YES, it is about noticing!"
I agree with the point made in the NYT article that our digital age makes the note more crucial than ever.
Here is another article about the power of written mail. "How to Write a Gratitude Letter." I liked this part; "Just as your recipient might keep the letter, so can you. Snap a picture or scan the letter before sending it. Ms. Davis Kho has printed out all of her typewritten letters and bound them into a book. "When I'm feeling low, the book reminds me that I've done a good job selecting people," she said, "and that there are people hidden in plain sight who make our lives better." Indeed.