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Artist Corner - Hugh Shurley

Hugh Shurley's photos look at our times. They represent moments in time that I might have missed, but I want to linger there to know they exist. Something about the second that he grabs compels me to go back again. We chose these images together, and I will never forget the joy I felt when we had the six we wanted to share.

"Standing alone, a photo is quite literally just a snapshot in time. It's often difficult to get a sense of the real-world history that led to the moment captured in a picture or of what you might see if you could ever look more deeply into the background and circumstances of a single image." —Hugh Shurley

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Hugh Shurley "Fog at Golden Gate" Card
Hugh Shurley "Leyla's Roses" Card
Hugh Shurley "Pigeon Hotel" Card
Hugh Shurley "Souvenirs" Card
Hugh Shurley "The Saint" Card
Hugh Shurley "The Visitor" Card
The Hugh Shurley Card CollectionThe Hugh Shurley Card Collection