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Artist Corner - Linda Larson

I wanted Linda Larson represented here because there is something about her paintings that give me hope. I see them, and I think I have entered a dimension where I have never been, but I want to go there more often. I find respite in nature, and the spirit represented by her work takes me further into that precious space.  Watch the video to hear from Linda in her own words and scroll down to see her cards.

"Vanishing shapes and mysterious creatures surface, fade, and play within the space of the painting surface, making even the blandest and bleakest hopeful in forms that can bloom and fade in an allegory moment.” —Linda Larson

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Linda Larson "Crepuscular" Card
Linda Larson "Devour #2" Card
Linda Larson "Pecking Order #3" Card
Linda Larson "Pecking Order #8" Card
Linda Larson "Salad Days" Card
Linda Larson "Wandering" Card
The Linda Larson Card CollectionThe Linda Larson Card Collection