Hail the Snail Mail

Darcy Lee Chief Curator of Delight at Heartfelt SF

A Monthly Greeting Card Subscription

I am setting in motion connections with those you love

Let me spoil you with a subscription box that encourages you to step away from the screen, save time and never scramble to find a beautiful card to send to those you love.

People used to love when the mailman came and I am bringing that back.

I help busy, thoughtful people send beautifully curated cards so that they stay connected with their loved ones.

Each month you will receive 4 cards AND a mystery gift. I promise this will be a highlight in your month, and that is only the beginning. You will spread that sense of joy.

For 20 years I had a brick and mortar gift shop in San Francisco and the card section was where magic happened. I love supporting the artists and the makers of beautiful greeting cards. 

Hail the Snail Mail will re-open March 1st for New Subscribers

Do you want to avoid racks of not-beautiful cards in Walgreens and Target?

It is no wonder we do not sit down and write a kind sentiment, there is no incentive if the card is a compromise.

If you find a nice card store in your area, do you have time? And no one saves a Facebook Happy Birthday mention.

I will help you create something to save and support the postal service at the same time.

When I was a kid I associated the mail with beautiful cursive writing and stamps from Canada (my mom was Canadian).

The mail held magic.

When was the last time you looked forward to mail arriving?

I am not trying to bring something back. I believe we are taking what was good and bringing it forward, with ease and convenience.

Each month the package we make for you is a delightful bright spot, something to open and marvel at. There will be beautiful paper, monthly surprises and a sweet excuse to step away from our screens.

Writing more mail and receiving more mail will no longer be dreamy, it will be something we explore together.

This is not knowing a lot of people or having perfect handwriting, it is all about connecting.

You will feel creative and joined with those you love and those you might not know but wanted to express a feeling with. And the bonus is that it is with paper.

Paper is sexy, so is your favorite pen, so is a surprise from me every month, especially if your months sail by with no recognition of you. 

You will receive four designer cards a month.

Each month a surprise item chosen by me & will be included in your package.

Sometimes there will be a surprise bonus for you.

Shipping materials will be environmentally conscious.

Payment will be processed on the 1st of each month and Items will be shipped by the 11th.

Join me for $24 per month plus shipping

Got questions? We have answers :-)

These are some of the most common questions that people have asked us about the subscription.

I'd love to have you join me on this journey of connection and re-connection.
I promise to make it not only easy to select your cards, but you will love your mail arrival again and so will your friends.

Let's make this our special creative adventure that we look forward to each month, from receiving your subscription, deciding who to send your cards to, writing and then mailing joy into the world.

Hail the Snail Mail will re-open March 1st for New Subscribers