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Hail the Snail Mail

Hail the Snail Mail Monthly Subscription


A monthly subscription containing

  • 4 designer cards for spreading joy
  • a surprise gift for keeping or sharing
  • special bonus gifts from Darcy's heart to yours
  • This subscription is a $35 value! 

This subscription helps you build a library of cards. Having a selection at your fingertips saves time and gives you an impetus to connect with loved ones and show gratitude easily.

 Flat Rate Shipping


How this Subscription Thing Works
Your very first subscription will be charged when you place your order.
We charge a flat rate for shipping. You’ll see the current rate in the shopping cart when you place your order.
We ship subscriptions starting the 4th of the month.
Your subscription will renew on the 1st of each month. You can cancel at any time.
"If you have any issues with your purchase, please reach out to me at, and I'll personally do everything I can to make it right."
Darcy, The Greeting Card Lady

Our inbox is not a fun place anymore, we often do not even read to the end of an email.

A note or letter on a beautiful card is different. The ceremony of opening it, of wondering what is inside, is a tactile journey. It is wondrous that for 55 cents you can send a message that lasts.

We give you the impetus to write, having a selection or library of cards makes it fun to choose.

And the moment your subscription arrives is one I have created for you, the small gift is a surprise and meant to bring you delight. And sometimes there are extra bonuses because giving is such fun.

I have to tell you – here in public – that your packages that arrive from Hail the Snail Mail are exquisite! You are a master of creating little moments of delight and surprise. They feel personal and yes, Heartfelt!

For real Darcy, what you are doing is I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. A real and true gift!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

i LOVE my hail the snail mail subscription! i open your packages on my zoom koffee klatch and everyone oohs and aahs with delight!

I sent a snail mail card to my niece, Sammy with a couple of drawings and she colored them in, Thanx for sharing your joy with me.

I get it! It’s such a sweet way to connect. Especially now in this time, our world is craving genuine connection and Hail the Snail Mail is a beautiful medium to transmute connection.

I was hanging out with a friend this weekend and we spent like 3 hours writing cards to send out to Operation Snail Mail in action. 12 cards are out for delivery because of you this week.

It’s our anniversary today and guess what…I have a card for that. Thank you Hail the Snail Mail.

Having a stash of cards on hand is sooo handy.

Who’d have thought that “Hail The Snail Mail” would have turned me into a letter writer after all these years, but it has, and I love it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Laura Hill
The wonder of Darcy Lee

I met Darcy 12 years ago at her shop Heartfelt in San Francisco. I LOVED it there and visited almost everyday of my honeymoon browsing the shelves. I picked up birthday presents and the staff kindly wrapped them all perfectly so I could ship them. I purchased books, cards, tea, towels, bowls, toys, and beautifully made bouquets of flowers that I would bring back to the AirBnB.
I followed the store and ordered so many unique gifts for friends and for myself. Once Darcy sent out the message that Heartfelt was closing; it was so terrible. Where would I find such cool things now?
Hail The Snail Mail was created and I immediately subscribed! The cards and “bonus gifts and cards” you receive each month are so gorgeous and fun. These cards you will NOT find in stores. Only Darcy would have the ability to find cool custom cards and have a theme each month. I have one card framed as do friends of mine. I do not need to go to a card store and pick up a mass produced generic card, now that I have HTSM in my life. It is also so useful when I need to order additional cards. I know they will be perfectly unique and the exact tone I am looking for. What is so great about Darcy is that she is an infinitely awesome human and one of the coolest people I know.
In closing, Hail The Snail Mail rules. If you are not a member you are definitely missing out!

Robin Beers
My monthly treat that spreads joy widely

Receiving my adorable package of surprise cards is the highlight of my month. I immediately start thinking about who to send this month's particular cards to, matching them to the perfect recipient. I've been visiting my mom and she receives like one piece of un-fun looking mail per day and she commented, "You are the only one who sends me anything exciting." WINNING!

Jocelyn Miner
Always a nice surprise

While I love having beautiful cards at my fingertips for any (or no) occasion, the best part of opening the envelope is the surprise. There are things to untie and paper to unfold - different each time. There is a theme! Poems! And often even a useful and/or amusing gizmo. Sometimes I don't open the package for a few days because I want to reserve time to appreciate it all.

Even better for me now that I'm far away is the connection I feel to Bernal (my home for forty years), to Darcy, and to the old brick and mortar.

Blows me away

This subscription is so much more than perfectly curated cards for every occasion it’s a one of a kind community. Thanks to Darc and her infectious love for life, she has built an incredibly kind network of neighbors whom if not for hailthesnailmail I wouldn’t have ever met. I am forever grateful to Darc for making me feel at home in Bernal and for all her extra goodies, poems, tips and tricks. She helps you keep in touch with those you love. This subscription blows me away.

You know the phrase "The gift that keeps on giving"?

This is it. It is a present to yourself that arrives like clockwork every month. What's better than getting a surprise in the mail? And then there is the gift of reaching out to family and friends. Having these beautiful cards at hand inspires me to drop a note whenever an occasion arrises or just to say hello. Treat yourself and your loved ones well.

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