Join Us This January For a

5-Day Love Card Challenge

Welcome to 2023 and our very first Hail the Snail Mail Challenge!

My goal with these challenges is to help you kick-start this incredible life-changing habit of sending cards to connect with other people through pen, paper and stamps.

NOW is the perfect time to send a card to ANYONE you'd like to shower with some LOVE because, you know, the 14th day of the 2nd month!

We also created a special PDF to help you start the snail mail habit. Enter your email address below and we'll send you the LOVE Card Challenge Planner and a 5-day email series with simple card-sending tasks.

Love, Darc

Challenge Details

The LOVE Card challenge runs from Monday January 23rd through Tuesday February 14th 2023. You can sign-up and participate at any time during the challenge because YOUR personal challenge begins as soon as you sign-up!

We'll send you a downloadable PDF of the Challenge Planner in your welcome email.

You'll then receive an email on each of the 5 days following the day you sign-up for the challenge. Each email outlines a simple card-sending task that will help you build a snail mail habit.

By entering your email address for the challenge you also agree to receive future marketing emails from Hail the Snail Mail.

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