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Welcome to Hail the Snail Mail

Hello there, 

My name is Darcy Lee. For 20 years, I ran a gift shop in San Francisco. I decided to close our physical doors in 2019.

Then the pandemic arrived, in all her terrible glory. I missed the people. I missed the product.

We all felt terribly alone, scared, and isolated (I’m sure you recall) and so from this, Hail the Snail Mail was born: a marriage between my love of retail and a need for tangible connection in these intangible times. 

If you'd like to hear more of my story and my pivot into Hail the Snail Mail, listen to my interview on The Creative Pivot podcast.

The written word provides an intimacy missing from our digital communications. Emails are easy to ignore, sitting down to them is a chore and where is our delight?

Since this project started I send more snail mail and receive paper envelopes addressed to me each day!

Sending out hand-written cards has a heap of benefits for you:

  1. Your heart feels good from supporting artists and makers of beautiful cards
  2. Your sense of support of the postal service is important! It is a public institution we must not take for granted and choosing stamps is a delight.
  3. Your heartfelt note or letter can make someone else's day, week, month, or dare I say, year
  4. Your hands will thank you for the feel of paper+pen+ink instead of tappity-typing, which we do all day long

So please browse around the store and find some cards to share with the people in your life and deepen the connections with yourself, your loved ones and the world!


Darcy Lee
Founder of Hail the Snail Mail and voracious letter writer

P.S. I look forward to hearing from you.