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Here are a Few of

My Favorite Things


I have given Farmgirl Flowers bouquets countless times and never had a dud. Watch one of their lives on Instagram and learn lots of lessons condensed into 1 hour.

I cannot get enough of @bloomandplume on Instagram, it is everything the internet should be.

Ampersand is an amazing San Francisco flower shop - if you are on instagram follow them.

Rainwater Ranch on instagram is a great place to see real California Flower Growers in action and my daughter works there!

A local nursery in Half Moon Bay is Repetto's Nursery & Florist. They have been growing flowers for generations and know the business.

Dried flowers are hard, I love Velvet Curation: great ideas and challenges!


Here are some dishes, and cookbooks  that make my heart and palette sing!

All Purpose Coconut Curry Sauce

I love this cookbook - takes the hard out of Indian cooking.

My favorite restaurant in Santa Fe is Cafe Pasqual’s and they have a cookbook! 

I make soufflés - THIS is a darn good one.

I rely on Melissa Clark.

If any of these are behind a pay wall give me an email holler. 


I love listening to music in our workshop and often we break out into a dance break and I LOVE podcasts. David Byrne Radio is what currently fills my ears. 

But sometimes I need something in my ear to focus and this ONLY works with headphones on.

When I drove across the country with my daughter Kris this is what we listened to. Her boyfriend Ross made it for us. ❤️

Anything Polo and Pan, this is perfect cooking, working or shuffling-around-your-living-room music.

Are you young? Are you old? Listen to the soundtrack of "Stop Making Sense" any where you listen to music.

Gift Ideas

I owned a gift store for 20 years, I love giving presents and I love the information superhighway (psst I also love clothing!). Here are some good spots.

Tina Roth Eisenberg runs a design blog that on Friday has some great picks. I have found some great goods here.

I am hooked on this made-in-LA clothing shop.Their clothes are made of the most amazing fabric.

This store in Truchas, New Mexico has the coolest stuff on Instagram. I do not see a website but I cannot wait to visit.

I love my friend Laurie’s taste and everything is fair trade and the amount she has helped the artists over the years is inspiringI Buy gifts at her store 12 Small Things.

Another SF Shop that is go to shopping wise for me is Rare Device.

Stationary and Pens

The king of pens, the glory that is pens, pick your favorite and head to JetPens.

I love the site Mountain of Ink. Kelli gives and gives in the paper and ink department, it might inspire you to write a letter.

There is a woman on Instagram from Cornwall who embroiders and illustrates. I love her work. @madeleine_illustration.

Uppercase Magazine is inspiring and magical. 

And the Well Appointed Desk! Pure addictive pen and paper love!