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Article: Help, there is hair everywhere

Help, there is hair everywhere

Help, there is hair everywhere

I love practical and useful, a blog should never be this life is glorious, period. I like pictures without make up and days we don’t shower, or we wear the same comfy clothes from the day before.  There is so much joy, sorrow, laughter, and feelings within a day.

 There is news! I bought the sticky long roller thing, it is handy when you see hair on  a garment or on a rug. I do not recommend it as a cleaning gadget. The solution/good-help winner is from my friend Kortney. She said her solution was a few pieces of toilet paper, it is easy and inexpensive and it works. When I see hair I hit it with the dry toilet paper and it picks up wet or dry hair. Thanks for all your suggestions! 

 I have been annoyed of late that my hair falls out and is everywhere.  This week I complained on Instagram about how much hair I am shedding, and I asked what your best tips are to clean it up. A minor issue in the scope of things but I wanted feedback from you. Here is what I heard and here is what I do.

  1. Brush your hair. I do not brush my hair and this week I have tried it. The hair accumulates on the brush, you pull it off and throw it away. I am testing to see if this cuts down on it on my clothes and everywhere in the bathroom.
  2. In the bathroom I have a package of compostable wipes, when I see hair, I use them to wipe it up. I do not flush them. I try and keep up with this.
  3. One of you suggested this, I ordered one and will keep you posted. It is a large lint roller with a long handle. Follow-up: It is funny to use, like lint rolling your floor but works great on dry hair on tile or wood floors. I can picture me asking Mark to roll me out before we go out.  Frankly it seems unnecessary to have a lint roller with a long handle, just bend down. 
  4. A rubber broom, you probably have seen one at your hairdresser. This would be great if you also have a pet that sheds. I sort of want one. I am going to the hairdresser today and will check out what she uses. 
  5. Before you wash the floors in the bathroom use a dust collector mop-like a swifter but the dry version. I wonder if that would work as well as my wet wipes. Hmmm.
  6. And of course, a hand held vacuum or constant vacuuming will help.
  7. A friend chimed in on TikTok that she uses toilet paper. I tried dry when hair is dry and wet when hair is wet. I have using this instead of the wet wipes and it is easier and I think it works better. 
  8. I also got a few folks recommending number 1, above. I have been brushing more and I am sure it is helping.  Here's to less hair everywhere. 



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