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Arboretum Blank Card

Sale price$4.50
  • Size: 4 x 6
  • Artist: Vintage Drawing
  • What’s on the Outside: Arboretum Key
  • What’s on the Inside: Blank
  • What’s Special about this Card: Made from a vintage poster and perfect for a camper or tree hugger
  • I love slipping this poem into this card. You can too!.

    Hugging the Tree Zeina Azzam 

    It was neither part of a protest
    nor a statement to the world.
    I simply put my arms around
    a tall oak and stood in embrace,
    our bodies juxtaposed.
    There was no swaying: her
    trunk, solid and true, felt like
    an ancestor, a pillar thick
    with years. Her bark scratched
    my skin if I moved, so I stayed
    still. It was a time to be calm
    and reflect on our presence
    together. To look up to the sky
    and fathom the height of my
    partner. To inhale the earthy
    scent. To arc my grateful arms
    around this strong matriarch
    and whisper into the wood
    my wordless secret: I have not
    really hugged anyone for months
    my dear tree

Arboretum Blank Card
Arboretum Blank Card Sale price$4.50